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Code of Conduct

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In Open Source projects people with different ideas meet. Sharing knowledge and ideas is a fundamental principle in Open Source. This also includes technical discussions in appropriate forums or via social media. We appreciate the interest of the community and welcome your questions!

In order for this communication and working together to function and be enjoyable, it is important that we agree to always follow the following rules. This way we can make our project an open and psychologically safe platform for interested people.

Should you notice that other users disregard these rules, please contact our Community Manager Sabine!

Be appreciative with others!

Please treat each other with appreciation and respect!

Be inclusive towards all – old and new – members of the community!

Respect the fact that community members have different knowledge levels and backgrounds.

Be nice and friendly, even if you have different opinions.

Help others to solve questions and create something themselves.

Be open for feedback, it helps us all!

We believe in the great advantage of diversity to create better and higher quality solutions in complex environments! We know that diversity helps us to develop creative ideas as well as a healthy interaction.

Do not be mean to others!

Part of an open and friendly community is that we do not hurt anyone with our behavior – neither intentionally nor unintentionally. If you are not sure whether your behavior or feedback is okay or not, please contact our Community Manager Sabine by mail. The same applies of course if you feel attacked or mistreated.

Do not be offensive to others! Everybody gives his best here and has the right to ask questions and get helpful answers!

Do not discriminate anybody! Since we explicitly welcome diversity, discrimination is not desired in our project – in any form!

Hands off hate comments and extremist statements! This platform is meant to help us move forward and is not a place to spread extremist or political views of any kind!