During the course of the project, various articles and proposals on all topics relevant to titan will be developed. The following list contains links to the respective articles.

Own publications

Scalable and Reliable Multi-Dimensional Aggregation of Sensor Data Streams from Sören Henning and Wilhelm Hasselbring

Clean Code: On the Use of Practices and Tools to Produce Maintainable Code for Long-Living Software from Björn Latte, Sören Henning and Maik Wojcieszak

A Scalable Architecture for Power Consumption Monitoring in Industrial Production Environments from Sören Henning, Wilhelm Hasselbring and Armin Möbius

Industrial DevOps from Wilhelm Hasselbring, Sören Henning, Björn Latte, Armin Möbius, Thomas Richer, Stefan Schalk and Maik Wojcieszak

Press comments

Offizielle Pressemitteilung der CAU Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

Articel Wie lassen sich analoge Produktionsprozesse mit moderner IT verbinden? in “Wissenschaftsjahr”

Student theses

Lorenz Boguhn (2020) Forecasting Power Consumption of Manufacturing Industries Using Neural Networks (Bachelorarbeit)

Arved Hansen (2019) Exploring an Energy-Status-Data Set from Industrial Production (Bachelorarbeit)

Benedikt Wetzel (2019) Entwicklung eines Dashboards für eine Industrial DevOps Monitoring Plattform (Bachelorarbeit),

Simon Ehrenstein (2019) Distributed Sensor Management for an Industrial DevOps Monitoring Platform (Bachelorarbeit)

Sören Henning (2018) Prototype of a Scalable Monitoring Infrastructure for Industrial DevOps (Masterarbeit)