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No-Code Platform titan is ready for your IoT project

The no-code platform for the Internet of Things starts with a public beta phase. You can participate with your own project. Simply register and use the service portal for questions and suggestions. We look forward to your feedback and support you in the implementation of your idea.

First Steps

Take your first steps into the world of no-code programming. Connect function blocks (Bricks) with data flows. With the titan platform you create functions and interfaces by connecting data sources, classic IT systems and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Your "Hello World" of No-Code Programming

The tutorial describes step by step how to create your first flow. Insert function blocks (bricks) and connect the ports to start a flow. Check the result in the work log.

Adapting data with the titan no code programming platform?

Data is the key to data flow based no-code programming. The video shows how data structures are adapted to different interfaces of different independent building blocks (bricks).