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Industrial DevOps

Connect things with No-Code IoT

titan GUI Flow-Editor

Use data and automation for organizational learning


Open sources and transparency reduce vendor lock-in.


Scale in the cloud or on your own servers. Decide which solution fits your business requirements.


A future project begins with the challenges of the present.

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Open source

Open Source No-Code Platform

Sharing is an important success factor for DevOps. That’s why we decided to use liberal licenses like Apache 2.0 and MIT in the project.

Small steps towards success

The step-by-step improvement to success requires many small changes, which must be carried out with little or no risk. It is important not to lose sight of the goal and to be able to test the success empirically at any time.


The role model

No-Code system and data integration. In the future, business decisions will almost always lead to IT changes. To ensure that this challenge can be mastered smoothly, we have developed a role model. Experts from various departments optimize digitalized processes as part of their daily work.


With titan, new connections between heterogeneous systems are constantly being created. Additional components and subsystems are integrated across company and departmental boundaries. The resulting dynamics and complexity require simple and reliable scalability.


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